POST /v2/compute/projects/{project_id}/iou/nodes/{node_id}/start

Start an IOU instance


  • node_id: Node UUID
  • project_id: Project UUID

Response status codes

  • 200: Instance started
  • 400: Invalid request
  • 404: Instance doesn’t exist


Name Mandatory Type Description
iourc_content ['string', 'null'] Content of the iourc file. Ignored if Null


Name Mandatory Type Description
application_id integer Application ID for running IOU image
command_line string Last command line used by GNS3 to start IOU
console integer Console TCP port
console_type enum Possible values: telnet
ethernet_adapters integer How many ethernet adapters are connected to the IOU
l1_keepalives boolean Always up ethernet interface
md5sum ['string', 'null'] Checksum of iou binary
name string IOU VM name
node_directory string Path to the node working directory
node_id string IOU VM UUID
nvram integer Allocated NVRAM KB
path string Path of iou binary
project_id string Project UUID
ram integer Allocated RAM MB
serial_adapters integer How many serial adapters are connected to the IOU
status enum Possible values: started, stopped, suspended
use_default_iou_values ['boolean', 'null'] Use default IOU values

Sample session

curl -i -X POST 'http://localhost:3080/v2/compute/projects/a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80/iou/nodes/32cba1e5-0164-45a4-872f-82a5f6ef03a4/start' -d '{"iourc_content": "test"}'

POST /v2/compute/projects/a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80/iou/nodes/32cba1e5-0164-45a4-872f-82a5f6ef03a4/start HTTP/1.1
    "iourc_content": "test"

HTTP/1.1 200
Connection: close
Content-Length: 614
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 08:34:54 GMT
Server: Python/3.5 GNS3/2.1.8dev1
X-Route: /v2/compute/projects/{project_id}/iou/nodes/{node_id}/start

    "application_id": 1,
    "command_line": "",
    "console": 5004,
    "console_type": "telnet",
    "ethernet_adapters": 2,
    "l1_keepalives": false,
    "md5sum": "e573e8f5c93c6c00783f20c7a170aa6c",
    "name": "PC TEST 1",
    "node_directory": "/tmp/pytest-of-grossmj/pytest-23/test_json4/project-files/iou/32cba1e5-0164-45a4-872f-82a5f6ef03a4",
    "node_id": "32cba1e5-0164-45a4-872f-82a5f6ef03a4",
    "nvram": 128,
    "path": "iou.bin",
    "project_id": "a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80",
    "ram": 256,
    "serial_adapters": 2,
    "status": "stopped",
    "use_default_iou_values": true