POST /v2/compute/projects/{project_id}/qemu/nodes/{node_id}/start

Start a Qemu VM instance


  • project_id: Project UUID
  • node_id: Node UUID

Response status codes

  • 200: Instance started
  • 400: Invalid request
  • 404: Instance doesn’t exist


Name Mandatory Type Description
adapter_type string QEMU adapter type
adapters integer Number of adapters
bios_image string QEMU bios image path
bios_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU bios image checksum
boot_priority enum Possible values: c, d, n, cn, cd, dn, dc, nc, nd
cdrom_image string QEMU cdrom image path
cdrom_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU cdrom image checksum
command_line string Last command line used by GNS3 to start QEMU
console ['integer', 'null'] Console TCP port
console_type enum Possible values: telnet, vnc, spice, spice+agent, none
cpu_throttling integer Percentage of CPU allowed for QEMU
cpus ['integer', 'null'] Number of vCPUs
hda_disk_image string QEMU hda disk image path
hda_disk_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU hda disk image checksum
hda_disk_interface string QEMU hda interface
hdb_disk_image string QEMU hdb disk image path
hdb_disk_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU hdb disk image checksum
hdb_disk_interface string QEMU hdb interface
hdc_disk_image string QEMU hdc disk image path
hdc_disk_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU hdc disk image checksum
hdc_disk_interface string QEMU hdc interface
hdd_disk_image string QEMU hdd disk image path
hdd_disk_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU hdd disk image checksum
hdd_disk_interface string QEMU hdd interface
initrd string QEMU initrd path
initrd_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU initrd path
kernel_command_line string QEMU kernel command line
kernel_image string QEMU kernel image path
kernel_image_md5sum ['string', 'null'] QEMU kernel image checksum
legacy_networking boolean Use QEMU legagy networking commands (-net syntax)
mac_address string QEMU MAC address
name string QEMU VM instance name
node_directory string Path to the VM working directory
node_id string Node UUID
on_close enum Possible values: power_off, shutdown_signal, save_vm_state
options string Additional QEMU options
platform enum Possible values: aarch64, alpha, arm, cris, i386, lm32, m68k, microblaze, microblazeel, mips, mips64, mips64el, mipsel, moxie, or32, ppc, ppc64, ppcemb, s390x, sh4, sh4eb, sparc, sparc64, tricore, unicore32, x86_64, xtensa, xtensaeb, null
process_priority enum Possible values: realtime, very high, high, normal, low, very low
project_id string Project UUID
qemu_path string Path to QEMU
ram integer Amount of RAM in MB
save_vm_state ['boolean', 'null'] Save VM state support
status enum Possible values: started, stopped, suspended
usage string How to use the QEMU VM

Sample session

curl -i -X POST 'http://localhost:3080/v2/compute/projects/a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80/qemu/nodes/9a4b2f04-74a6-4528-a6a7-b02365417fe9/start' -d '{}'

POST /v2/compute/projects/a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80/qemu/nodes/9a4b2f04-74a6-4528-a6a7-b02365417fe9/start HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 200
Connection: close
Content-Length: 1381
Content-Type: application/json
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2020 02:26:30 GMT
Server: Python/3.6 GNS3/2.2.4dev1
X-Route: /v2/compute/projects/{project_id}/qemu/nodes/{node_id}/start

    "adapter_type": "e1000",
    "adapters": 1,
    "bios_image": "",
    "bios_image_md5sum": null,
    "boot_priority": "c",
    "cdrom_image": "",
    "cdrom_image_md5sum": null,
    "command_line": "",
    "console": 5004,
    "console_type": "telnet",
    "cpu_throttling": 0,
    "cpus": 1,
    "hda_disk_image": "",
    "hda_disk_image_md5sum": null,
    "hda_disk_interface": "ide",
    "hdb_disk_image": "",
    "hdb_disk_image_md5sum": null,
    "hdb_disk_interface": "ide",
    "hdc_disk_image": "",
    "hdc_disk_image_md5sum": null,
    "hdc_disk_interface": "ide",
    "hdd_disk_image": "",
    "hdd_disk_image_md5sum": null,
    "hdd_disk_interface": "ide",
    "initrd": "",
    "initrd_md5sum": null,
    "kernel_command_line": "",
    "kernel_image": "",
    "kernel_image_md5sum": null,
    "legacy_networking": false,
    "mac_address": "0c:dd:80:7f:e9:00",
    "name": "PC TEST 1",
    "node_directory": "/tmp/tmp3gc2avyo/projects/a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80/project-files/qemu/9a4b2f04-74a6-4528-a6a7-b02365417fe9",
    "node_id": "9a4b2f04-74a6-4528-a6a7-b02365417fe9",
    "on_close": "power_off",
    "options": "",
    "platform": "x86_64",
    "process_priority": "low",
    "project_id": "a1e920ca-338a-4e9f-b363-aa607b09dd80",
    "qemu_path": "/tmp/tmphb4tqqk2/qemu-system-x86_64",
    "ram": 256,
    "status": "stopped",
    "usage": ""