POST /v2/projects/{project_id}/import

Import a project from a portable archive


  • project_id: Project UUID

Response status codes

  • 200: Project imported

  • 403: Forbidden to import project


Name Mandatory Type Description
auto_close boolean Project auto close when client cut off the notifications feed
auto_open boolean Project open when GNS3 start
auto_start boolean Project start when opened
drawing_grid_size integer Grid size for the drawing area for drawings
filename ['string', 'null'] Project filename
grid_size integer Grid size for the drawing area for nodes
name ['string', 'null'] Project name
path ['string', 'null'] Project directory
project_id string Project UUID
scene_height integer Height of the drawing area
scene_width integer Width of the drawing area
show_grid boolean Show the grid on the drawing area
show_interface_labels boolean Show interface labels on the drawing area
show_layers boolean Show layers on the drawing area
snap_to_grid boolean Snap to grid on the drawing area
status enum Possible values: opened, closed
supplier ['object', 'null'] Supplier of the project
variables ['array', 'null'] Variables required to run the project
zoom integer Zoom of the drawing area